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What to know by the end of the level 1 sailing course

  • Rigging – has wind awareness. Knowledge of spars and rigging, parts of the sail, sail controls and foils.
  • Ropework – can tie a figure of eight knot, round turn and two half hitches and secure a rope to a cleat.
  • Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres
  • Has wind awareness                     
  • Has practical understanding of the following maneuvers: Reaching, Stopping, Controlling speed, Tacking, Getting out of irons, Sailing upwind, Sailing downwind and Gybing.
  • Launching and Recovery
  • Can secure a boat to a trolley
  • Understands the principles of: Wheeling a trolley, Launching and leaving the shore, coming ashore and recovery of boat and Wind awareness ashore.

The exact same is expected for level 2 but at a more advanced level

Windsurfing tips

When we start to windsurf, the board sits in the water and begins to move through it much like a container ship would.

However, as we pick up speed the boards lifts out of the water and we start to bounce over it like speedboats do.
To get more technical, planing is when we are gilding over the water rather than just pushing through it and the water that leaves the very end of the board does so in a cut-off fashion and not in a enclosing way.


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